About the book

How do we live in a world that is built around dysfunction?  Glenn gives us the tools, perspective, and knowledge to learn how to navigate our lives in his groundbreaking new book, Down to Earth The Spiritual Beings Guide to a Happy, Human Experience." As a Spiritual Teacher, Glenn works with his clients to weed out the dysfunctional ways of being that hold us all back and in his book, he gives us all a glimpse into how he works with people to help change their lives. 


Down to Earth is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in digital and paperback!


James Arthur Ray

Leadership & Performance Advisor & New York Times best-selling author of Harmonic Wealth & The Business of Redeption

Anyone who has been homeless, broke, down, and out and risen again is a true champion. Believe me, I know. In this book, Glenn brings to light the learning from his journey and provides insights for you to do the same.

Morris E. Goodman "The Miracle Man," author, speaker & success coach

As a student and teacher of success principles and reaching your God-given potential, I promise and guarantee you will get a lot out of this book. But much more than that, I promise and guarantee this book will get A LOT out of you. I highly recommend it. 

Tony Collins, Pro Bowl running back with New England Patriots, speaker, founder of Tony Collins Foundation, and author of Broken Road: Turning My Mess Into a Message.

Our perspective determins our reality and this book shifts the perspectives necessary to engage in a fulfilling and joyful experience here and now. GLenn's ability to share deeply powerful tools in a practical way ensres the understanding necessary for others to attain their own success and fulfillment.