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Hello Everybody!

Welcome to my new blog! Every Monday I will be tackling a different topic, and providing some insight that hopefully you will find useful in your own life. I am very excited to be sharing ideas and having discussions with all of you. I consider this blog to be a great companion piece to my longer form podcast “Life, Lesson’s, & Laughter”, and will be covering issues that we have talked about in the past, as well as subjects we have yet to cover on that show. My goal is for this blog to be a little morsel of helpful information to start your week off right. If you’d like to subscribe to this blog, a short email will be sent to you every time a new post is published on Monday mornings as a reminder.

In addition to the blog, I have some other exciting things happening that I would love for you to check out!

The Great Love Project:

Whatever we put energy towards expands. I believe that all too often we tend to focus on the negative things in our lives and that are happening around the world. That is why I started this push to focus our energy towards Love! Check out our facebook page @TheGreatLoveProject and share what you love using #TheGreatLoveProject

What’s Right with the World:

Expanding on the idea of The Great Love Project, we are launching a brand new podcast where I share positive and uplifting stories from around the world. This show will debut Thanksgiving Eve November 22nd and new episodes will be released every Wednesday after that. Episodes of this podcast will be under 10 minutes, and are meant to provide a small boost of positivity to help get you through the the week!

Life, Lesson’s & Laughter

The podcast that started it all! Life, Lesson’s and Laughter is soon approaching it’s 100th episode. Over the past four years we have discussed a plethora of topics, sat down with some great guests, and shared many laughs along the way. All episodes of the show are free to download or stream and can be found on iTunes, or at

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