Act Yourself Into Better Thinking

January 15, 2018

You can’t think yourself into better acting, you have to act yourself into better thinking.  This is a statement I learned many years ago and have found it to be true in many situations.  So often people will sit at home thinking of what they need to do or what it would be like if situations were different or decide to wait until it “feels right”.  They're waiting for the motivation to do something different.


The reason they aren’t moving is because they are stuck.  So instead of sitting around thinking of what you should be doing but don’t have the motivation to do…just get up and start doing it.  It’s going to be difficult, it’s going to take effort and probably feel like you don’t want to do it.  That’s all because you’re not in the rhythm of doing.  When a car is stuck in the mud, it feels like it doesn’t want to move forward, it takes some effort to push it out of the rut and get it moving forward.  But as soon as it’s out of what was holding it back, it wants to take off and that’s how you’ll feel when you push your way out of being stuck! 



So take the action, just the 1st step and then you can take the 2nd one and soon you’ll be out of the mud and moving forward.  But don’t wait until it feels right because it won’t.  An object at rest stays at rest…unless it kicks itself in the ass and gets moving!  So kick yourself in the ass, take some action even if you don’t feel like it and become the object in motion that stays in motion!  There’s sooooo much for you to do and experience in this world, don’t wait until the ride is over to realize you missed all the fun.

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