Love And Fear

February 5, 2018

What is fear?  Fear is at the core of all negative emotions.  Anger, sadness, jealousy, frustration, etc. are all based in fear.  When our sense of security is threatened, fear arises and manifests in many different ways.  It could be our sense of well-being, our relationships, our financial security, etc. but whatever aspect is being triggered causes fear to arise.

On the flip side, love is at the core of all positive emotions.  Happiness, excitement, joy, elation, etc. are all based in love.  When we feel a positive feeling, it is a version of love.  Of course some may be stronger versions than others such as liking a car or loving your spouse.

Now we’ll take this a step deeper…technically there is no such “thing” as fear.  Whaaaaaaat???  That’s right, I said it, there’s no such thing as fear!  Fear is merely the absence of love. 

Let’s use light and dark as a way to explain this since it’s so often used to reference love and fear.  When a room is
dark, there isn’t a “thing” called darkness in it that we have to usher out…it’s just absence of light.  When we walk into a dark room and turn on the light, there is no fight between the darkness and light…there is just light there now.  All there was, was an absence of light - we brought in light and now there’s light.  It’s the same thing with fear.  When there’s fear, it’s just absence of love, when we bring in love, there’s no fight, there’s just no more fear…love is there now.

The most profound Truths are always simple…not always easy to do…but simple.  Take a moment, wrap your brain around this and then attempt to implement it into a real-life situation.  Think of a situation where you’re feeling negative (nothing too intense yet, this is your first try at this), now trace the feeling down to your fear.  Once you’ve identified your fear you can bring love in.  Start imagining love coming into the situation that’s causing the fear and you’ll feel a sense of peace begin to arise.  You may not be able to see how to fix the situation yet (if it needs to be fixed), however you can experience a new calmness around it and you’ll be able to think clearer while you look for the solution.  Most situations don’t actually have to be “fixed”, so bringing love in can dissipate the fear and you can move on filled with love and absent of fear.

Whenever you’re experiencing a negative emotion, recognize it as a version of fear and then bring in love!  Can you imagine if many of us did this as often as possible?  What a wonderful world it will be!

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