Finding Yourself

March 12, 2018

Who are you?  What are you supposed to be doing?  These are questions I struggled with for many years and have


discussed with many people.  The fact that the answers eluded me for so long motivated me to explore why they eluded me and how to help others find the answers that I struggled with.

An important part of the answer is to understand we have a guidance system within us.  There is something that tells us when we’re getting warmer and when we’re getting colder.  The way it guides us is through our feelings and through the level of difficulty we’re experiencing.  It’s a simple and effective system however since many people have been unaware of its existence, it can take a little practice to find and know how to use.  Remember that it is our natural way of Being, so it’s not like learning something completely new, it’s just returning back to what we’ve should’ve been using all along.

You’ve probably heard the statement “follow your bliss”, it sounds nice but actually is very profound if looked at and absorbed properly.  This is our guidance system.  What brings you joy?  What makes you happy?  What do you lose track of time doing?  These are all clues to what you’re supposed to be doing.  Not everyone enjoys the same things because we need people doing many different things as a community.  Some people love digging ditches, it’s like playing in a sandbox all day.  Some people like solving mathematical problems and some like discussing life’s trials and navigating solutions.  We ALL have things we enjoy doing.  Look for this and you can discover what your passion is.  Some people that love sports are supposed to be coaches or trainers or in sports marketing…not everyone is supposed to be the athlete so think outside the box and explore around the things you enjoy.  

When things seem like they’re going easily, this is also a good sign we’re heading in the right direction.  It’s not that we give up the first sign of difficulty but we can slow down and see if there’s another direction we should be heading in or if there’s something we should be doing a little differently.  Life is not supposed to be torturous and hard.  What kind of a Creator would create such a world where people have to suffer all the time instead of following their joy?  Perhaps if we stop blaming a Loving Creator for dooming us and start looking for our LGS (Loving Guidance System), we’ll have more luck finding our flow of life.

It's important to know that not everyone will be doing what they love for a job.  Some people will go to a job that fulfills their financial needs and they’re comfortable with while pursuing their passions as a hobby.  That will be enough for some people and strike the right balance with them.  Others may begin pursuing their passion as a hobby and it will turn into something more.  Either way, starting to pursue your passion in your spare time is the optimum use of your time because of the joy and fulfillment it will bring.

There is the other side as well…when things are constantly difficult, it means we’re heading in the wrong direction.  When we are not happy, when we are counting the minutes going by, these are signs we’re not doing the right things.  It doesn’t mean that you take irresponsible action and quit your job, it just means that you start exploring options.  Start putting some of your energy into finding what you do enjoy and then take the first small step in that direction.  This is the “gathering information” stage.  You just gather information about what you enjoy, different jobs in that field, what it would take to start doing it.  Sometimes we think a 5 year or a 10 year walk is too long – why?  It’s better to be walking towards what you want to do than to sell out and accept unhappiness as an existence for the rest of your life.  You deserve more, you deserve better!  You’re supposed to be happy!  So use your guidance system and begin your walk…your happiness is worth it!

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