The Moment Of Change

March 19, 2018

What does it look like and feel like when your life shifts for the better?  You know those AH-HA moments, those epiphanies, those light bulb moments people talk about.  They sound very elusive but are actually quite simple in structure.  Basically, it’s just a shift of perspective…that’s it.  The reason they can be so profound is that it’s a shift of perspective at the core of an issue, a way of thinking that you’ve hung onto for a long time as fact.  Now all of a sudden, you’re looking at things from a different perspective and everything attached to that changes.


Spiritual awakenings eluded me as long as I thought they were a lightning bolt from God or an overwhelming God-consciousness.  These things sounded so profound and large that I couldn’t comprehend experiencing them.  However, when I understood that it was just a matter of changing how I looked at things it became a possibility, then a reality.


I could look back in my life and see that perspectives can change.  There were things that I thought were true and ways of thinking I depended on previously that had changed over time.  When these perspectives changed, the way I interacted with life changed along with them.  This is what provided an opening for more perspective shifts to occur within me.


In recovery it’s said that we only need three things to change but these things are indispensable…they are: Open-mindedness, Honesty, and Willingness.  This has worked for millions of addicts world-wide and the reason is because it makes us available to a shift of perception.  We need to be open-minded to understand that there might be another way to look at things.  We need to be Honest with ourselves to understand the way we’re looking at things is not working for us and begin taking responsibility for our own lives.  And we need to be Willing to try something different.


As you can see the “Moment Of Change” does not have to be so elusive, I see them on a daily basis with my clients.  Most people don’t seek out a Life Coach unless they’re ready to change and are in possession of the three things needed for change.  Offering up a different perspective to people who are open to it is basically what I do for a living!  No wonder why I love it so much!  So if you’re ready for change, seek out a different perspective on what’s troubling you and of course let me know if I can help!

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