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Stefanie Z


I started listening to Glenn's podcast on Insight Timer, and I liked his style
and humor from Day #1. After some months I contacted him for an explanation of his coaching, the doubts and topics I needed to take care of, and the procedure. We gave it a try with our first ‘video meeting’ and I was happy, comfortable and guided right away. I like his approach to life, his light and fun way of expression, down to earth philosophy and natural spontaneity, beautifully complimented with tons of knowledge, wisdom and experience. I felt as if I had a good old friend that I just met. Pretty amazing connection. What we have discussed, and the suggestions and ideas he proposed were graspable, doable and totally useful. I could see changes and results immediately and most of all, through the meetings
I’ve learned that if I’m OK, every thing is OK. Self Love and Respect were the better tools and the best path to walk on. Thank you Glenn. I always look so much forward to our next meeting. Gracias Totales,

Pam N


I found Glenn on the Insight Timer meditation app a few years ago. He was a treasure find!  He inspired my first "talk" listen on insight was on being a victim. The instant perception he was able to crack open in me in that podcast was inspiring. I then subscribed to Glenn's podcast and listened to nearly everything. He used language and words that deeply  resonated with me, his approach and style were casual and approachable. With that feeling of relateability, I finally reached out to Glenn in a Life Coach capacity. Glenn has provided perspective and  provoking guidance in several areas of my life such as work, raising and relating to my kids, understanding and embracing contrast, my extended family issues, holiday stress, my mother in law! I had no idea what I was in for with a life coach. Glenn has added so much value to my life, opening my heart, providing me  sight... built the vision to shine my light. I am eternally grateful for Glenn falling into my life. He is reliable, responsive, available, present and completely authentic. I cherish and value my time with's eye opening and has allowed me to expand my views, my heart and ultimately my life.  He pushes me to be my best self....a personal trainer, just of the soul instead of the body now". I was at a place in my life where everything was "perfect" - I have a beautiful family and home, a comfortable life, great job...but yet I still wondered "is this it"...I felt that I had everything I wanted yet I had this sense of boredom or lack. Glenn has shown me the way to happiness from within. I think there are a lot of people in this same situation...that they feel there is no good reason to be dissatisfied or unhappy because they have everything they think they need in the outside. It's not until you understand the inside part you can begin the actual happiness. Glenn has helped me see that and embrace it in my life.

Laura C.


"Since beginning to work with Glenn Ambrose as my Life Coach over 6 months ago, my life has changed in a multitude of positive ways.  The differences in my thoughts and actions were apparent almost immediately with his guidance.  I was taught to change my perception, and learn from my successes as well as my failures.  Not only is Glenn supremely easy to talk with but he also advises in a manner that comes without a speck of judgment.  I've also received positivity and clarity after attending some of the other workshops offered by him.  I would (and actually do to my friends) recommend you go see Glenn if you are looking to change your life in a positive way."

Cheryl H. 

"Since working with Glenn I've learned to let go of some negativity and see things in a more positive way.  I've become aware that things happening in my life are lessons that need to be learned.  I'm much happier with myself and am able to enjoy my family and friends while being grateful for what I have." 

Peggy J. 

I've been talking to Glenn for a little over a year, and now I hardly recognize my life. It's been the same for decades.. struggling with anxiety, frustration, and self-confidence. Now I wake up with actual peace, and I get to do what I love every day. If you want someone who is sharp and honest enough to help you break through your old habits, bullshit, and ego, then you should call him. Every time I talk to Glenn, something new happens in my life, it's that simple!

Bryan H.

"Glenn has helped me over come my issue of accepting proper payment for services rendered by showing me a different view on how I perceive money.  I used to have a lot of difficulty accepting money because I felt that I was just trying to help my fellow person.  I have now learned to view my acceptance of payment as others showing thanks for helping them.  By giving myself a positive outlook on how I view money, I can now allow it to flow through my life, as it comes, without a negative perception."

Lisa P.


"Like so many people, I had begun feeling overwhelmed by a multitude of life’s stressors: Job, money, bills, kids, family, health, juggling the day to day, etc… I was aware that my own mental, physical and spiritual well being was slipping away but wasn’t able to refocus and organize my efforts towards obtaining a resolution. Through regular interaction, Glenn has challenged me to reroute old thinking patterns that were negatively impacting my physical and mental health. Today, I am in a better position to effectively handle the ebb and flow of life and navigate through obstacles while working towards and reaching goals that are important to me and my family."

Evelyn R


"Glenn is amazing! Within the first two months, he took me farther than years of traditional counseling had. I’ve been able to heal old family hurts, make peace with my colleagues at work, and discover sources of joy I didn’t know existed. He knows when to use compassion and gentleness, but also when to push and provoke. Because of Glenn, I now live a saner, happier, and more spiritually connected life. He is worth every cent -- and more!" 

Kate K


Why choose a life coach over a therapist? And Why Glenn?

Well, I had made the choice of Glenn, after having a disappointing span of visits with a therapist. The therapist was disappointing because she was listed as  “Spiritually minded” and unfortunately I felt strongly judged the moment I opened up to her. Glenn on the other hand naturally creates a safe and trusting space that you can relax into and share what your conflicts are. Even though I work with Glenn long distance by phone, I’ve never felt more listened to or seen by someone. Also I never feel rushed or “On the Clock” when talking to Glenn. Glenn’s presence and pure intention to listen with love, helps you start to learn to love yourself and learn that life is happening for you, not to you. His great down to earth nature and sense of humor, act as a loving welcoming mat, giving you guidance on this human experience. If you have a choice to work with a life coach, choose Glenn Ambrose, he’s a connection you’ll never regret.

Tamra V.


I started life coaching with Glenn in October 2018 after a traumatic event that happened for me Mother’s Day 2017. In October 2018, I had been listening to Glenn’s podcasts for about 2 months. One day in October 2018 I had a major panic attack, I wanted to share my experience with my friend, so I sent him an, I thought.  Somehow the email went to Glenn. I received an email back from Glenn that said, “I got an email from you and all it said was thank you. Is there something I can help you with?” In my head, “Yes Glenn! Yes, you can!” Immediately I knew this was a sign and I had to pursue life coaching with Glenn.

Glenn has gotten me through some of the darkest days of my life. He has helped me make life changing decisions from the spiritual perspective. He has taken my thoughts, concerns, worries, and breakdowns and righted me on my path. Glenn told me, “Think of him in the eternal.” Since then not once have my breakdowns included images of my son that were not eternal. This alone is worth every session with Glenn. I want to thank you Glenn. This time has been lifesaving.

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