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First take pictures, videos or write about anything that you have LOVE for.

Second, share it on your favorite social media page including our logo or the hashtag: #TheGreatLoveProject to help link us all together!  

Please help us in our mission to spread Love around the world using social media!


The purpose of Glenn Ambrose's project is to get people to put attention on what's important in their lives by sharing pictures, videos and words about what they Love. This is a world-wide initiative beginning right here in the smallest state in the country, RI!


Mother Teresa was once invited to an Anti-War rally and refused, however she said if there was a Pro-Peace rally, she would attend. Mother Teresa understood putting energy towards things expands them and she was intentional about where she put her energy. That is the mindset of this project...for us to put our attention or energy towards what we'd like to expand in this world - Love!

Please help us by sharing what you Love!

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